be angry with/be angry about/be angry at 的区别

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     本网为大家分享中考英语词汇辨析:be angry with/ be angry about/ be angry at,供大家参考!

1. be angry with 后只能跟表“人”的名词或代词,意思是“生某人的气”,其后常跟一个表原因的介词for


The teacher was angry with me for my coming late.老师因为我来晚生气了。

2. be angry at = be angry about 意思是“因某事而愤怒”。at或about后只能接表“事物”的名词。


He is angry at/ about small things.他常为一些小事生气。

He was angry about/ at missing the film.他为错过那场电影而生气。