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1. between 多指两者之间。如:What’s the difference between the two words?

2. among 指三者或三者以上的同类事物之间,在或笼统的一群人或一些物之中,表示“在……中间,在……之中”。如:The young people lived and worked among the workers. 

【注意】我们可以说between you and me,但不能说 between you and I,因为between是介词。

3. between还可以用来指三个或三个以上的人或物的每两个之间。三个或三个以上的名词用and连接,前面用between,而不用among。如:There is not much difference between the three of them.

4. among可用来表示一个比较的范围,常与最高级连用。如:Yokohama is among (= one of) the largest seaports in the Far East.

London is among the greatest cities of the world. 伦敦是世界上最大的城市之一。


用between 或among填空。

1. _________ the door and the windows there is a map.

2. They pided the money _________ themselves.

3. Near the cemetery (墓地), _________ the trees, there is something shining, perhaps bayonets (刺刀).

4. Switzerland lies _________ France, Ger-many, Austria and Italy.


1. Between

2. among / between  (注:用among,they至少是三个人;用between, they是两个人。)

3. between

4. between