journey,travel,trip,tour,voyage 的用法区别

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1. journey指从一地到另一地,通常指陆地上的远距离“旅行”,有时也可以表示经常走的或长或短的“路程”。只作名词。例如:
I took a journey from Beijing to Shanghai last year.
-- How long is your journey to school?
-- Only about 10 minutes.

2. travel作“旅行、游历”解,一般表示从一地到另一地旅行这一总的概念。常指长时间、远距离的“旅行”。尤指出国旅行。可作动词和名词。其复数形式意思为“旅游笔记”、“游记”。例如:
At present, many people are fond of travel in their spare time.
I am reading a book about the travel to North Pole.
They came home after years of foreign travel.
Light travels faster than sound.

3. trip 一般指时间短、距离近的“旅行、远足”。在非正式用语中可代替journey。只作名词。例如:
We made a boat trip to the island last week and had a good time.
I will be on a trip to / journey to the south next summer holiday.

4. tour 着重指旅行线路比较曲折,常表示“(周游各地的)参观、访问、(巡回)旅游、视察、购物、演出”等意思。可作动词和名词。例如:
I will tour the world in the future.
My father has gone down-town on a shopping tour.

5. voyage主要指远距离的水上旅行,也可以指空中旅行意思为“航海、航空、航行”等。只作名词。例如:
She usually gets seasick during the voyage.
They made a voyage across the Pacific by air.