be famous as 与 be famous for 的区别

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1. (be) famous as “以……(身份)著名” ,as后跟人宾语往往与主语同位。如:

  She is famous as a poet. 他以一名诗人而著名。

  He is famous as a great inventor. 他是出了名的伟大的发明家。

  Wang Junxia is famous as a good runner, she won a gold medal and a silver medal in the 26th Olympic Games.



  当be famous as的主语是表示地点的名词时,表示“以什么样的产地/地方而出名”。如:

  The town is famous as a car-making place. 该城镇以制造汽车而闻名。

  The town is famous as a wine-producing place. 这个镇是一个出名的产酒镇。

2.  (be) famouse for “因……(事物)著名”,表示由于某种特征而出名,for后的宾语一般为主语的从属内容。如:

  China has been famous for its silk. 中国素以丝绸闻名。

  France is famous for his fine food and wine. 法国的美食和酒是出了名的。

  This city is famous for its big gambling resort. 该市因其大赌场而驰名。

  Scotland has many lakes and mountains, and is famous for its beautiful country-side.