arrive,reach,get to 的用法区别

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     1. arrive, reach, get to 均有“到达”之意,意义基本相同,但arrive(in)/(at) 与reach, 是正式用语,get to 是通俗用词,常用于口语。

     2. arrive 是不及物动词,表到达什么地点时,后面应接前置词in或at, 一般说,到达一个大地方常用in, 到达较小的地方常用at, 但这不绝对的。(与地点副词连用时当然不用任何前置词)如:
  ① He arrived in Beijing yesterday.
  ② When he arrived at the stop, the bus had left.

     3. reach 是及物动词,后面直接跟表地点的名词。如:
  When does the train reach London?

     4. get to 只是较口语化。接地点副词时不用to. 如:
  ① He got to the shop at 5:00 o’clock this afternoon.
  ② When I got there, the film had been on for 5 minutes.