excite, exciting, excited 用法区别?

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1. excite 动词,意为"(使)兴奋;激发;唤起",其形容词为excited和exciting。

2. excited 形容词,表示"感到兴奋的",指人、物对......感到兴奋。

3. exciting 形容词,表示"令人兴奋的;使人激动的",指人、事、物本身让人兴奋、激动。


Are you excited about going to Beijing? 你要去北京了,感到兴奋吗?

He told us an exciting story yesterday. 他昨天给我们讲了一个使人激动的故事。

It's nothing to get excited about. 这没什么可值得激动的。

I've got an exciting piece of work. 我得到了一份令人兴奋的工作。


物+ 动词 + 人
= 物 + be V-ing to + 人
= 人+ be V-ed 介 + 物

The book interests me.

The book is interesting to me.

I am interested in the book.