believe 与 believe in 用法区别?

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     believe 与 believe in在用法上有细微的差别。

1. Believe 表示“相信”(to accept as true)之意,它是及物动词,其后直接跟宾语。例如:

    I could hardly believe my eyes. 我几乎不能相信自己的眼睛。

    In ancient times it was believed that the earth was flat. 古时候,人们认为地球是扁平的。

2. Believe in 则表示“信仰”、“信任”(to have faith in somebody or something)之意。其后的常用搭配语为:有关宗教、理论、原则、概念及可信任之人,如:a religion、ghosts、fairies、a theory、a friend等词;例中的believe为不及物动词。例如:

    We do not believe in ghosts. 我们不信鬼神。

    In the days of the French Revolution,people believed in liberty,equality and fraternity. 法国大革命时代的人们信奉自由、平等及博爱。


    I believe him. = I believe what he says. 我相信他(的话)。

    I believe in him. = I trust him. 我相信他是一个可以信得过的人。(即:我信任他。)
    此外,Believe me 可以根据不同的场合,译作“真的”、“我不骗你”、“一定会”或“请相信”。