join, join in, take part in 用法区别?

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     join, join in, take part in 这几个词或短语都有“参加”的意思,但用法不同。

1. join有两个用法:


①When did your brother join the army? 你哥哥什么时候参军的?

②She joined the Young Pioneers. 她加入了少先队。

(2)和某人一道做某事,其结构为:join sb. in (doing) sth.,根据上下文,in (doing) sth. 也可以省去。如:

①Will you join us in the discussion? 你参加我们的讨论吗?

②He'll join us in singing the song. 他将和我们一道唱歌。

③We're going to the East Lake Park on Sunday. Will you join us?


2. join in多指参加小规模的某些活动。如“球赛、游戏”等,常用于日常口语。如:

①Come along, and join in the ball game. 快,来参加球赛。

②Why didn't you join in the talk last night? 昨晚你为什么没参加座谈?

③Many people join in the game every year. 每年许多人参加这个游戏活动。

3. take part in 指参加会议或群众性活动等,着重说明句子主语参加该项活动并在活动中发挥作用。如:

①We'll take part in social practice during the summer vacation. 暑假期间我们将参加社会实践。

②We often take part in physical labour. 我们经常参加体力劳动。

③A lot of students took part in the thorough cleaning yesterday. 昨天许多学生参加大扫除。